FE537 Course Schedule 2011

September 12

  •   Introductions and course overview
  •   Familiarization with “Labnet”, the 3D Computer Animation Labs intranet, and instructions on how to access the course web page
  •   Discussion of general principles of monocular and binocular vision
  •   View random dot stereogram binocular perception test image
  •   View sample images from Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W3
  •   View Blu-ray of the Shinterra short film “27 Years Later”
  •   View excerpts from the Ken Jacobs/John Zorn Nervous Magic Lantern performance DVD of “Celestial Subway Lines/Salvaging Noise”

September 19

  •   Lecture and Demonstration: “The Eye is Not a Camera”: an overview of theories on the physiology and psychology of visual perception
  •   Lecture and Demonstration: “Aspects of Monoscopic and Stereoscopic DepthCues”, including parallax, accommodation, convergence, and aerial perspective
  •   Working with single camera temporal displacement stereography (Cha-Cha)
  •   Introduction to the GoPro 3D Hero camera system
  •   View a set of stereoscopic images using several forms of stereoscope
  •   Pulfrich effect temporal displacement stereography
  •   Viewing of my 3D CG Pulfrich effect video, “1921 > 1989”
  •   Viewing of Jim Ellis’s Pulfrich effect video, “Scroggins Beach”

September 26

  •   Lecture and Demonstration: “Contributions of Interocular Distance in Hyperstereoand Hypostereo Imaging in the Perception of a Sense of Scale”
  •   Guest presentation by filmmaker Amy Halpern who will discuss her work with real-time stereoscopic shadow projection in Ken Jacobs’ New York Apparition Theater
  •   Interactive experiments with real-time anaglyphic and polarized shadow projection

October 3

  •   Lecture: “Displays and Eyewear for Time-multiplexed Displays” (StereoGraphics, RealD, Dolby/Infitec, compared to emerging proprietary consumer stereoscopic television and Blu-ray disc technologies)
  •   Viewing of Vibeke Sorensen’s stereoscopic film “Maya” in monoscopic form followed by a viewing in the artist’s originally intended stereoscopic form
  •   Discussion of Sorensen’s use of stereopsis in the creation of ambiguous spaces

October 10

  •   Indigenous Peoples Day

October 17

  •   Lecture: “Clement Greenberg’s Postulation of Medium Specificity and the Primacy of Flatness”.
  •   Viewing of Salvador Dali’s stereoscopic work
  •   Viewing of Oskar Fischinger’s stereoscopic work
  •   Viewing of Ed Emshwiller’s stereoscopic light drawing photographs
  •   In-class experiments with stereoscopic light drawing

October 24

  •   Lecture: “Absolute Animation and Immersive VR”
  •   Lecture: “Issues in Head Mounted Display stereoscopy”
  •   Interactive 3D drawing with the PhaseSpace Impulse mocap system

October 31

  •   Halloween field trip to 3ality Technica

November 7

  •   Lecture: “Stereoscopic Film Grammar”, continuity, transitions, and depth scripts.
  •   Demonstration of stereoscopic post production techniques such as Horizontal Image Translation, Floating Stereoscopic Windows, Depth Grading, Color Grading, and Ghost Busting
  •   Begin work on individual and/or group projects

November 14

  •   Lecture and Demonstration: “Setting up a 3D CG stereo camera in Maya”
  •   Continue work on projects

November 21

  •   Guest presentation by stereoscopic expert, artist, and educator, Perry Hoberman
  •   Continue work on projects

November 28

  •   Lecture and Demonstration: “Four Centuries of Mirror Anamorphoses and issues of Monocular versus Binocular Viewing Techniques”
  •   Previewing of individual and/or group projects for presentation on December 9

December 5

  •   Exhibition of Class Experiments

December 12

  •   Final Class