FE537 Course Schedule 2012

“Stereopsis is more like a feeling than a perception” -Josh Greer

Evolving Class Schedule for 2012:

  • September 10
    First class meeting.  Browsing some of the key books related to the course.  Discussion of each student’s interest in S3D with some projections on directions the course might take.  A viewing of Benjamin Reicher’s anaglyph animated version of M.C. Escher’s etching, Relativity, from Ben’s iPad.   A brief discussion and demonstration of binocular parallax and visual perception.  Comments on the primary differences in fixed POV stereoscopic displays and the interactive parallax of the variable POV of HMD’s etc.  A brief discussion of depth scripting.  Screening of Part 1 and Part 2 of Brian May’s,  A Brief History of 3D.

  • September 17
    Second class meeting.  A look at this blog as the new course website.  Impromptu viewing and discussion of Benjamin  Reicher’s experimental side-by-side render of his project Building Toys.  Instruction in how to view 3d playback from the computer workstation, sandin,  via the HDMI connection to the 47″ passive 3D monitor.  Screening of Part 3 and Part 4 of Brian May’s,  A Brief History of 3D.  A look at a hyperstereo experiment from the June 2012 stereoscopic workshop at the Université de Toulouse ESAV.  A discussion of the power of hyperstereo scale in that test, the potential pitfalls with near field object parallax, and the use of a dynamic re-convergence and dynamic floating stereo windows to attempt “fixing it in post”.  A brief discussion of Brian Gardner’s use of depth scripting to enhance affect in narrative film (Brian is also credited with inventing the dynamic floating stereo window discussed earlier).  A short whiteboard explanation of the problems presented by the rolling shutter effect of line transfer CMOS sensor based cameras compared to the global shutter effect of frame transfer CCD cameras.  No one could recall the dynamic race car photo by Latrique that resulted from focal plane shutter “scanning” and I said I would provide a link to a copy of that image.   We ended the session with a demonstration on setting up the Redrock Micro Side-by-Side camera bar and dual Canon XA-10 videocameras.
  • September 24
    Third class meeting.  The previously postponed PowerPoint presentation on monocular and binocular depth cues was further postponed due to technical difficulties (subsequent posting of PDF conversions are now available on the new Presentations page).  Viewing and discussion of strong negative parallax values in the film,  Diving at ElQuseir.   A look at the effect of image shear (in a freeze frame of a fish floating far out in negative parallax) via lateral viewer motion.  Viewing of the failed test video  shot in class the previous week with an analysis of the errors.  A rushed overview of working in S3D with the inexpensive editing program Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum.Note: the floating windows work only correctly in full screen mode (if you have a black monitor) since floating windows use black color.