I have converted two of my  PowerPoint presentations to PDF files and posted them here for your access.  PPT to PDF conversions do not result in a very satisfactory viewing experience. The live PowerPoint presentation and its expanded commentary provides a more effective learning experience.  However, I am providing the PDF’s as a way to assist your recollection of  the live presentation and to allow you to use them as notes.

These PDF files must be downloaded to your computer for playback in Adobe Acrobat.  Do NOT try and view them in your web browser.  The files will appear to load into a web browser, but will be missing important aspects.

The first presentation has no embedded motion media and should download very quickly.  You should select Adobe Acrobat as the viewer for the file.  The file will not retain its formatting in Apple Preview or many other PDF viewers:

The second of these first two conversions includes a couple of animated GIF’s and a movie converted to Flash for inclusion in a PDF file.  The movie illustrates the use of motion parallax in an extraordinary way.   Once the PDF with embedded movie has downloaded to your computer it should playback without problems.