Right from the beginning…
Motion Capture
Maureen Furniss

Recommended Text –available in the CalArts Library Course Reserves and Stacks
MoCap for Artists
Midori Kitagawa and Brian Windsor

Étienne-Jules Marey and the development of the earliest forms of motion capture
The Science of Movement and the Image of Time
Marta Braun | BIUM

CalArts Library Course Reserve: TR840 .B73 1992
Picturing time : the work of Etienne-Jules Marey (1830-1904)
Marta Braun

A well researched thesis from MIT concerning absolute visual performance
Painterly Interfaces for Audiovisual Performance
Golan Levin

An abridged version of a paper I delivered at The Screen: A Dialogue of Cultures conference held in Moscow in 1991.  The PDF is printed from an old HTML file thus the formatting is a bit broken.
Absolute Animation and Immersive VR [PDF]
Michael Scroggins

The full length paper delivered in January 1991 at The Screen: A Dialogue of Cultures conference in Moscow.
My work in Absolute Animation and Some Ideas About Extending that Work into the New Medium of Virtual Reality [PDF]
Michael Scroggins

A look at the early development of Virtual Reality technology
A Critical History of Computer Graphics and Animation | Section 17: Virtual Reality
Wayne Carlson