Right from the beginning…
Motion Capture
Maureen Furniss

The title says it all –available in the CalArts Library Course Reserves and Stacks
MoCap for Artists
Midori Kitagawa and Brian Windsor

Étienne-Jules Marey and the development of the earliest forms of motion capture
The Science of Movement and the Image of Time
Marta Braun | BIUM

CalArts Library Course Reserve: TR840 .B73 1992
Picturing time : the work of Etienne-Jules Marey (1830-1904)
Marta Braun

A well researched thesis from MIT concerning absolute visual performance
Painterly Interfaces for Audiovisual Performance
Golan Levin

An abridged version of a paper I delivered at The Screen: A Dialogue of Cultures conference held in Moscow in 1991.  The PDF is printed from an old HTML file thus the formatting is a bit broken.
Absolute Animation and Immersive VR [PDF]
Michael Scroggins

The full length paper delivered in January 1991 at The Screen: A Dialogue of Cultures conference in Moscow.
My work in Absolute Animation and Some Ideas About Extending that Work into the New Medium of Virtual Reality [PDF]
Michael Scroggins

A look at the early development of Virtual Reality technology
A Critical History of Computer Graphics and Animation | Section 17: Virtual Reality
Wayne Carlson