FVEA-482-01 Experimental Animation Undergraduate Critique Fall 2018

“Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear”  –Esther Mera

Evolving Course Schedule for 2018:

  • September 14
    wordPressBanner_15nov2013First class meeting. The photostrip above is from the 2013 instantiation of the course and features images from the work of Rachel Ho, Rigel Yaluk Mosquera, Julian Petschek, and Ana Ramirez.  In the first few years of teaching this course I created a photostrip for every week’s class meeting, but have abandoned that practice in favor of a text listing only.  This first class meeting will feature a discussion of the course format and ideas for potential changes based on previous course experience.  Informal discussion of BFA4 Final Project ideas –including those well underway and those still being considered. Selection of the first four student volunteers who want present their work in the class meeting scheduled for next week (and possibly scheduling other students for the following weeks). Presentations from Jonni, Charles
  • September 21
    Second class meeting. Scheduled presentations from Blake, Sam, and the addition of  Jack, and a look at a group animation improv exercise from Jonni
  • September 28
    Third class meeting. Scheduled presentations from Meagan, Claire, Asher, Mathieu
  • October 5
    Fourth class meeting. Scheduled presentations from Hyejin, Mathieu, Charles, Jonni.
  • October 12
    Fifth class meeting. Scheduled presentations from Jack, Sam, Jonni.
  • October 19
    Sixth class meeting. General review presentations from all.
  • October 26
    Seventh class meeting.  Scheduled presentations from Jack, Asher, and Kitae.
  • November 2
    Eighth class meeting. Scheduled presentations from Mathieu, Meagan, and Hyejin,
  • November 9
    Ninth class meeting. Scheduled presentations from, Blake, Charles, Kitae, and Jonni.
  • November 16
    Tenth class meeting. General review presentations scheduled from each class member.  Asher, Hyejin, Kitae, Sam, Mathieu, Blake, Jack, Meagan, Claire, and Charles. Final project plans and production schedules are due in class November 30.
  • November 23
  • November 30
    Eleventh class meeting. Short presentations of all final project plans including production schedules designed to assure completion by the mid-April BFA graduation review cycle. WIP presentations from Sam, Mathieu, Blake, Jonni,
  • December 7
    Twelfth class meeting. Scheduled presentations from Asher, Jack.

  • December 14
    Lucky Thirteenth class meeting. Scheduled presentations from…  Semester wrap up (last day of classes before the Winter Break). Kitae, Jonni, Meagan, Blake, Charles