FVEA-482-01 Experimental Animation Undergraduate Critique Fall 2019

“Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear”  –Esther Mera


Evolving Course Schedule for 2019:

  • September 13
    wordPressBanner_15nov2013First class meeting. The photostrip above is from the 2013 instantiation of the course and features images from the work of Rachel Ho, Rigel Yaluk Mosquera, Julian Petschek, and Ana Ramirez.  In the first few years of teaching this course I created a photostrip for every week’s class meeting, but have abandoned that practice in favor of a text listing only (and have also eliminated transcribed notes of the weekly course proceedings).This first class meeting featured a discussion of the course format and ideas for potential changes based on previous course experience.  Informal discussion of BFA4 Final Project ideas –including those well underway and those still being considered. Selection of the first four student volunteers who will present their work in next week’s class.We had an impromptu screening of Julian Petschek’s 2013 BFA4 final project, Butter Ya’Self, followed by his earlier student film, Flirting Or Coquetry.  Next week we will view Julian’s recently released commercial spot, The OG Paloma Feat. Squirt Soda, which is based on the style established in Butter Ya’Self,  The Paloma spot was produced at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, and features vocals by Katrina Recto and Jacob Gibson –who did the same for Butter Ya’SelfPlease note that all class members are expected to present their final project proposal and a feasible production schedule in class on November 22, 2019, and to present their completed project as part of their BFA graduation review as scheduled in the period between mid-April and the first week of May, 2020.
  • September 20
    Second class meeting. We viewed  Julian Petschek’s recently released commercial spot, The OG Paloma Feat. Squirt Soda. which revisits the form of his BFA4 final project, Butter Ya’Self.  We also viewed a sizzle video documentation of a project he developed with Rachel Ho,  Mocap Mo Problems , followed by a sizzle documentation of her 2013 BFA4 final project Sleighting. We then moved on to scheduled presentations from: Meredith, Nikki, and Kesiah.
  • September 27
    Third class meeting. Scheduled presentations from: Daisy, Brian, Lily, and Benni.
  • October 4
    Fourth class meeting. Scheduled presentations from the third group of four students,  Helen, Noah, Tristan, and Misuzu.
  • October 11
    Fifth class meeting. Classes were canceled due the effects of the Saddle Ridge Fire, and scheduled presentations from Wheejae, Kiki, and Kesiah were postponed  to the following week.
  • October 18
    Sixth class meeting.  Scheduled presentations from: Wheejae, Kiki, Kesiah, and, Meredith (Meredith’s presentation was postponed due to technical problems  –which turned out to be caused by the projector and was solved by rebooting it.
  • October 25
    Seventh class meeting.  Kirsten Lepore’s presentation on a range of approaches to project planning and production scheduling had to be postponed due to the Tick fire campus closure.   
  • November 1
    Eighth class meeting. Meredith’s postponed presentation from October 18, followed by a presentation from Nikki who last presented September 20.  General review presentations from other class members.
  • November 8
    Ninth class meeting. Postponed from October 25 due to Tick fire campus closure: Kirsten Lepore’s presentation on a range approaches to project planning and production scheduling.  Following Kirsten’s presentation and Q&A, Meredith, Kesiah, and Brian presented their production schedules for discussion.
  • November 15
    Tenth class meeting. Scheduled presentations from: Brian, Tristan , and Daisy. Brief overview from all.
  • November 22
    Eleventh class meeting. Scheduled presentations from Wheejae, Lily, and Misuzu
  • November 29
  • December 6
    Twelfth class meeting. The original deadline date for presenting final project plans and production schedules was postponed from November 22 to today based upon the loss of two weeks of class caused by campus closures.  We were scheduled to have short presentations of all final project schedules today in an effort to assure project completion by the mid-April BFA graduation review cycle, however postponed that to the first day of the spring semester. There has been a switch in the faculty member replacing me while I am on Creative Leave next semester, and Leighton Pierce was intending to come by and say hello to everyone and sit in on this set of overview presentations, however an important family matter kept him on the east coast. He sent his regrets in not being able to attend and is looking forward to the first class of spring.

  • December 13
    Lucky Thirteenth class meeting. Scheduled presentations from Helen, Benni, Kiki, and Kesiah. Semester wrap up with fresh homemade gingerbread cookies and hot apple cider (last day of classes before the Winter Break). Plus Special Guest Maureen Furness!