FVEA-483-01 Experimental Animation Undergraduate Critique Spring 2015


“Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear”  –Esther Mera

Evolving Course Schedule for Spring 2015:

  • January 16
    wordPressBanner_15nov2013First class meeting. General reports on progress made over the break. Selection of four students to present on January 23rd
  • January 23
    Second class meeting. Scheduled presentations by Harley, Jamie, Sydney, Tyler.
  • January 30
    Third class meeting. Eben, Skyler. Tyler
  • February 6
    Fourth class meeting. Tomas,  Jack, Maddy, Ambar.
  • February 13
    Fifth class meeting. Jamie, Tyler, Sydney, Sunny,
  • February 20
    Sixth class meeting. Kirsten Lepore presentation on production planning.  Models for student projects, independent projects, and industry projects.  Advice on how create realistic bids on projects at various levels, the value of networking, and general thoughts on how to survive in the post graduation world.
  • February 27
    Seventh class meeting. Tyler, Jack, Maddy, Skyler, and Tomas
  • March 6
    Eighth class meeting. Jack, Tyler, Jamie, Ambar, Theo, Eben, Harley
  • March 13
    Ninth class meeting. Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Skyler, Jack, and Sunny
  • March 20
    Tenth class meeting.  Ambar, Jamie, Eben, Tomas, Maddie, Sydney
  • March 27
    Spring Break.
  • April 3
    Eleventh class meeting.  Eben, Skyler, Tomas, Theo
  • April 10
    Twelfth class meeting. Eben, Skyler, Jamie, Jack
  • April 17
    Thirteenth class meeting. Sunny, Jamie, Skyler, Harley
  • April 24
    Fourteenth class meeting. Curating the Bijou Festival BFA4 Class Program.  We worked to develop a program running slightly under 90 minutes for our 12o minute class presentation slot.
  • May 1
    Fifteenth class meeting.  Viewing of  newly completed works.  Direct information on proper file formats for the Bijou presentation.  Final Class and Celebration moved up to this week due to four class members being required to be at the Vortex Immersion Dome for exhibition setup on May 8.
  • May 8
    Sixteenth class meeting. Was Final Class and Celebration, but we preponed that to May 1.