FVEA-483-01 Experimental Animation Undergraduate Critique Spring 2017

“Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear”  –Esther Mera

Evolving Course Schedule for 2017:

  • January 13
    wordPressBanner_15nov2013First class meeting of the Spring semester. The photostrip above is from the 2013 instantiation of the course and features images from the work of Rachel, Rigel, Julian, and Ana.  In the first few years of teaching this course I created a photostrip for every week’s class meeting, but have abandoned that practice in favor of a text listing only (however that makes for a much less interesting weekly heading).  All class members give a brief overview of their project status, and some make longer presentations.
  • January 20
    Second class meeting. Presentations from Rachel, Matt, Angie, Patty, Ge, Cole, Noah, Xuan, Gina, Zekkeraya, Gordon, Wylder.
  • January 27
    Third class meeting. Presentations from Wylder, Angie, Patty, Xuan, Cole, Rachel, Gordon, Zekkeraya.
  • February 3
    Fourth class meeting. Presentations from Zekkeraya, Gordon, Noah, Wylder, Xuan, Rachel, Gina, Cole.
  • February 10
    Fifth class meeting. Scheduled general review presentations from everyone with more in depth presentations from Gina and Xuan.
  • February 17
    Sixth class meeting. Scheduled general review presentations from everyone with more in depth presentations from depth presentations from Wylder, Rachel
  • February 24
    Seventh class meeting. Zekkeraya, Xuan, Gina, Rachel, Angie, Patty, Matt, Wylder, Noah

  • March 3
    Eighth class meeting. Patty, Xuan, Gordon, Ge, Matt, Noah
    Cole, Zekkeraya.
  • March 10
    Ninth class meeting. Gina, Ge, Patty, Matt, Xuan, Zekkeraya, Cole
  • March 17
    Tenth class meeting. Xuan, Noah, Gordon, Zekkeraya, Rachel, Wylder, Patty, Gina, Ge.
  • March 24
    Eleventh class meeting. Matt, Zekkeraya, Xuan, Rachel, Gordon
  • March 31
  • April 7
    Twelfth class meeting. Noah, Xuan, Rachel, Gina, Patty, Matt, Wylder, Ge.

  • April 14
    Thirteenth class meeting. Work on projects in preparation for upcoming grad reviews.
  • April 21
    Fourteenth class meeting. Preliminary planning for Bijou Festival.
  • April 28
    Fifteenth class meeting. Planning for the May 11 Bijou Festival EA Undergraduate Class Screening and the submission of projects to the file server.
  • May 5
    Sixteenth class meeting. Final Planning for the May 11 Bijou Festival Class Screening.