FVEA-483-01 Experimental Animation Undergraduate Critique Spring 2019

“Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear”  –Esther Mera

Evolving Course Schedule for 2019:

  • February 1
    wordPressBanner_15nov2013First class meeting. General reports on progress made over the break. Selection of three students to present on February 8th.
  • February 8
    Second class meeting. Presentations from Sam, Blake, Charles.
  • February 15
    Third class meeting. Presentations from Hyejin, Meagan, and Jack.
  • February 22
    Fourth class meeting. Presentations from Charles, Sam, and Asher.
  • March 1
    Fifth class meeting. Presentations from Jonni, Kitae, and Mathieu.
  • March 8
    Sixth class meeting. Presentations from Blake, Meagan, Asher.
  • March 15
    Seventh class meeting.  Asher, Sam, Jack, and Blake.
  • March 22
    Eighth class meeting. Charles, Mathieu, and Meagan, Jack
  • March 29
    Ninth class meeting. [Guest]
  • April 5
  • April 12
    Tenth class meeting. [Guest] Asher, and Charles present their material for the following Wednesday’s grad review. Blake, Mathieu, and Meagan will present progress on their projects.
  • April 19
    Eleventh class meeting. Report on Asher, and Charles grad reviews, Jack presents material for the following Wednesday’s grad review, Jonni is MIA.  Discuss upcoming file upload protocols, and deadlines for the EA BFA Graduating Student Screening at the Bijou Festival.  Begin work on curating the Bijou program.
  • April 26
    Twelfth class meeting. Report on Jack’s and Jonni’s grad reviews.  Mathieu, Sam,  and Meagan discussed their plans for the following Wednesday’s grad review (Kitae was MIA, and Blake had asked to be excused in order to continue animating while he still has stage time available).  Initial planning for the May 16  EA BFA Graduating Class Screening at the Bijou Festival, and a discussion of plans for the installation/interactive work to be exhibited in E58.
  • May 3
    Thirteenth class meeting.  Curation of the program for the EA Graduating Students Screening at the Bijou Festival on May 16. Kitae screened his final project.
  • May 10
    Fourteenth and final class meeting. Final considerations for the May 16 Bijou Festival. Celebration!
  • May 17