FVEA 483-01:  Experimental Animation Undergraduate Critique

Spring 2015
E65, Friday, 4:00-6:50pm
Faculty: Michael Scroggins
TA: Jamie Tan

FVEA 483-01 is a continuation of FVEA 482-01 as the courses are designed to function as a year long process.

This is my fourth year conducting this seminar.  I have based my concept of the course on the path established by preceding faculty and my direct experience working with previous years classes.  The full structure of the course will be in flux as we discover the most appropriate process for this particular group. The shape of the course will adapt to match the needs of the individual artists in the class –as such it is literally an experimental course within a program in experimental animation.

A dynamic blog site will function as a key resource for the course. This site will be updated with the evolving class schedule, links to important course related materials, and other information.  Students should check this website weekly if not more frequently:

The course will emphasize creating a visual project from any state of development toward that of final project realization. Regular presentations and collegial group critique will be a key component of the course.  Consensus reality is not the only reality, but group critique can serve as an important touchstone in the development of art work intended for public exhibition.   A primary function of the course is to leverage the expertise of each class member in the service of assisting the others in the fullest possible realization of their projects.

It is expected that each student will also work in consultation with their mentor and other faculty members in order to gain the broadest view of their project.

Final projects should be time based visual works of art such as; linear film/video presentations, gallery installations, live performances, interactive pieces, or animation sequences designed to work within a larger multi-media project.  The choices are broad ranging in recognition of the varied interests of the individual artists.

Evaluations will be based equally upon regular participation in class discussions and on the completion of the final project.  Regular attendance in the weekly class sessions is expected and students should not accumulate more than three unexcused absences in order to successfully complete the course.

Class members are expected to present their final project proposal and a feasible production schedule no later than the end of November 2013 and to present their completed project as part of their BFA graduation review in mid April of 2014.