Syllabus Spring 2016

FVEA 419/619: Motion Capture for Artists
Spring 2016
Class Location: F105
Time Monday, 1:00pm to 3:50pm
Faculty: Michael Scroggins
TA: Gordon Straub 

This course will take the form of a series of lectures, screenings, and demonstrations in support of a production workshop centered upon using both the multi-camera PhaseSpace Impulse 3D motion capture system and Brekel Kinect Pro Body v2 motion capture system in concert with Autodesk’s MotionBuilder.

Our goal is to explore the potential of real-time performance animation in extending artists direct physical gestures into expressive animation. In addition to exploring the more conventional uses of motion capture how can we reach beyond these conventions to achieve more innovative work? Some possibilities to be explored might be the incorporation of procedural animation, non-representational imagery, dense layering, and unique remapping of gestures.

Students are encouraged to investigate areas of personal interest and to incorporate this research into their production work. Taking an active role in class discussions and production teamwork is required to receive the highest mark within the CalArts grading system. The course is offered to both graduate and undergraduate students. Undergraduate students have the option to spend less time in production than that required of graduate students. It is expected that at the end of the course students will have gained an active knowledge of core concepts and techniques useful in working with performance capture within an art context.

The course will be structured around the dynamics of student interests thus the class schedule will evolve to meet developing needs. The schedule will be updated week-to-week. A sample course schedule from the following year is available in order to provide some sense of the shape this year’s course could take:

FVEA 419/619: Motion Capture for Artists Schedule 2015

A dynamic web site will function as a key resource for the class. The site will be regularly updated in the form of the evolving weekly schedule and will include links to important course related materials. Students are advised to check it at least once a week –if not more frequently:

FVEA 419/619: Motion Capture for Artists 2016

Production work will take place during class meetings with no requirement to work outside of class, however it will be possible to arrange appointments for capture and editing sessions outside of regular course hours.